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Jul 9, 2020

When we think of video games and technology, we usually think of the development of the games themselves, with sophisticated engines and impressive graphics. But esports is showing that technological innovation lives outside the game as well, with streaming services racking up increasingly larger audiences.

Now a new tech player has entered the esports arena. Esports One has an incredible fantasy esports platform for fans of League of Legends (with more games planned for this year). The game itself is a salary-cap style fantasy game, but the tech behind it is pretty amazing. Matt Gunnin, CEO at Esports One, reveals more about the first all-in-one fantasy esports platform with real-time predictive data.

Since COVID-19 forced most of the world indoors, esports has seen an influx of new fans, new participants and new partners, many from outside the esports world. For these new fans, the world of esports may seem confusing and foreign. Matt and his team at Esports One have created a fantasy esports experience that is at once familiar (pick players in a salary cap-style league.)

Since early February Esports One has seen a dramatic increase in numerous traffic KPIs for their fantasy platform, including a more than 300% increase in users. Matt also shares how their unique approach to data + predictive analytics is proving to be a hit with fantasy esports fans of all stripes.

I learn how they use Computer Vision and Machine Learning technology developed at MIT and CalTech to record everything that happens in every League of Legends game. They've got 2.3 billion data points, from 10+ years of games and around 100 million players. It's an incredible trove of data. So incredible in fact, they can predict, with 90% accuracy, who's going to win a match just a few minutes after it has started.