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Jul 27, 2020

When a utility embarks on a capital project, they’re doing so to serve their customers better, comply with regulations, and/or build the value of their asset network—and they’re increasingly making drones a part of their efforts.

Utilities are using drones across the capital project lifecycle. Whether to inventory assets, monitor current project work, or evaluate pre-completion performance, project managers achieve greater data breadth and precision. Not only does this help justify CapEx spend, but it also enables better project management.

PrecisionHawk, the market leader of commercial drone analytics, has seen first-hand the challenges of keeping utility asset databases up-to-date. During routine inspections for all of their utility clients, PrecisionHawk has found discrepancies in location data for up to 50% of poles. And while ground teams typically find that 10% of poles are out of compliance, they have, on average found that the number is actually 25-30%.

As a solution, Drone technology is implemented to accurately geolocate all pole assets, convert imagery and data into metadata for quality assurance, and execute strategic business decisions accordingly with substantial evidence.

Robert Henley joins me on Tech Talks Daily in a conversation about how utilities leverage drone technology to improve their asset management systems and validate capital projects tied to critical infrastructure.