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Oct 26, 2016

How many people have your personal mobile number? Apart from your friends, family and colleagues, there is a whole heap of people and organizations that have your mobile number.

When considering our digital footprint we seldom think about how many people have our details and publish our personal details alongside our smartphone number. Facebook and Linked are just a few examples.

The concept of burner phones used to involve carrying around multiple devices, but the Burner app is often a cheaper and more efficient way of managing multiple numbers.

The ability to protect your privacy online or even have a cheap additional business phone number can all now be managed by your one smartphone. If you’ve ever tried to tell someone you’re not interested, and only for them to still pester you, Burner’s Ghostbot can handle that too.

Whether you are a freelancer creating a cheap dedicated business Line or just want to introduce privacy and security onto your phone, maybe you need a burner phone. 

I invited the CEO and founder of Burner, Gregg Cohn said onto the show to find out more and understand his mission to empower users with tools to take back control of their communications.

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