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Dec 26, 2016

31 Events is an email and web marketing calendar solution that leverages the use of Coupons and Tickets that embed into the calendar event for easy retrieval at the time of the event by a URL in the calendar interface. The calendar event then uses all the components of the operating system reminder, including geo-location of the event and integrated notification for driving based on geo-location.

The product is designed to get your customers to your event or to your promotion by making sure they have the correct calendar invitation on their work or personal calendar with the embedded URL for that specific promotion.

Use cases for testing include - event registrations, ticketing, coupons, and appointment setting. We are compatible with all operating systems both desktop and mobile devices. The product uses a simple code generator to embed your event into your email template - we support Mail Chimp, Constant Contact and Exact Target.

In addition, the calendar event can generate the code needed for event promotions on your website with easy to use Event Modals that can be embedded into your website. When a person adds their email address they get a Calendar invitation with Event coupon or Ticket and we track acceptance to the event through our reporting engine.

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