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Jan 10, 2017

Jammber is a platform that manages the entire music production process, keeping track of everyone involved, making sure the workflows, letting collaborators sign off on necessary steps digitally and helping labels and artists file forms correctly in minutes, not months.

The music industry is siloed, fragmented and chaotic. An average album can cost 450 hours in paperwork alone, and too often not getting paid for a project on time or at all is accepted because "that's the way it's always been done." Jammber wants to relieve that pain.

And for the first time, Jammber is capturing data about the creation of a song at the studio level, giving credit where it's due: to the creative individuals on which the music industry is built.

Jammber enriches the lives of people in the entertainment industry, all over the world, by giving them tools that empower and enhance the creative process. Ultimately allowing them to do more of what they love, giving them superpowers they tell their friends about.

In tonight's episode, I chat with Jammber founder Marcus Cobb.