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Mar 15, 2017

It seems that whatever problem we encounter in life, we naturally turn to YouTube for a how to fix video rather than read a confusing manual. But why is it in most corporate environments, we are expected to revert to reading 100-page documents written by a burnt out employee with 30 years service.

This is just one of the reasons why Maven Wave is has launched an enterprise video solution called Reveal. Reveal features a familiar video streaming experience combined with enterprise-level security, content management, and analytics. The company recognized the need in the market for a platform that meets the needs of large organizations and is both simple to use and cost efficient.

“The use of video in the enterprise has significantly lagged in comparison to the consumer market. We all use YouTube in our daily lives to learn and communicate, but we rarely use it at work. Maven Wave saw the opportunity to address that gap. Reveal allows companies to bring video to everyone in the workplace while providing control over the video content,” advised Brad Foster, Google Cloud Practice Lead at Maven Wave.

I Invited Brad Foster onto the show to find out more.

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