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Jun 23, 2017

As I binge my way through House of Cards, it got me thinking about all the great shows that got canceled before their time. Such as Deadwood and Firefly etc Then I got thinking about how closed off the Hollywood system is BUT I quickly found a tech antidote to all of these first world problems for TV and films fans.

Filmio is a new kind of entertainment company building a platform for creators and fans to join together where everyone plays, anyone can create, and all share in the benefits.

With their new platform, they have a goal of changing the way the entertainment industry works, like a Venture Capital firm for great films, TV shows, and virtual reality. Their model is simple: Fund, Create, Distribute.

Filmio believes that for too long, Hollywood has been a closed system, where only a select few are able to participate - this new model aims to change that by removing the gatekeepers and giving the power back to the fans and creators, enabling the two to work together to fund the next great film.

I invited Filmio President Ian LeWinter onto the show to find out more.