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Jun 27, 2017

The Storybooth digital platform and its multi-channel ecosystem inspire, capture, animate, engage and distribute real stories that kids and teens tell. Through mobile-friendly recording technologies, guided how-to content and an ever-growing catalog of great stories, they make it simple and exciting for kids and teens to tell their own stories, in their own authentic voices, with the possibility that their story, with them telling it in their own words, may get chosen for animation.

Their collaborations with noted YouTubers also allows them to present their “storytime” content in a new, compelling, and engaging way, and grow the audience and influence for the Storybooth episodes produced on the narratives of everyday kids and teens. 

It's the use of technology and speaking with children in a language that they understand without being patronizing that really excites me. along of course with using it promote using their unique authentic voices.

I speak with Joshua Sinel from Storybooth to learn about his story behind this exciting new digital platform.