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Aug 24, 2017

From first-timers to veterans, novelists to photographers, BookBaby have helped thousands prove that it doesn’t take a traditional publishing deal to bring a dream to life. You can do it yourself.

Publish your book worldwide on Amazon's Kindle, iPad, Barnes and Noble's Nook, and many more. Founder/CEO: Steven Spatz talks about how you can do this and much more with BookBaby.

Demonstrating an extraordinary commitment to empowering the independent writer, full-stack self-publishing service provider BookBaby has taken the initiative to produce the largest survey ever conducted in the publishing world, designed to identify and reveal the methods of successful independent authors.

Self-published authors can now enjoy the best of both worlds: Maximizing reach and profits through the benefits of Amazon’s Kindle Select promotional tools, while making the most of BookBaby’s own industry-leading worldwide digital distribution.

Steven loves to hear from authors, editors, and publishers in the BookBaby community with tales of publishing trials and triumphs. To tell him your story, write to