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Oct 23, 2017

Like or not we are all content creators. How many links do we send every day through email, SMS, Whats App, and social media? But in a visual world, it seems even the humble link is looking incredbly dated with a line of underlined blue text.

I recently discovered a startup based here in Manchester UK called Wakelet that allows you to save and organize links from the web into visually appealing collections. The platform allows you to save articles, videos, images, Tweets, and pretty much anything with a URL.

Founder Jamil Khali advised that Wakelet starts where web search ends. As smart as computers and search engines might be in indexing the web, they can only ever do part of what’s needed to organise information.

We need a better way, a way that’s focused around humans. So we created Wakelet to put control back into the hands of people who ultimately use the web. We empower people to organise their own personalised web in a more meaningful and visual way.

Jamil also explained that “While search algorithms help us find isolated pieces of information faster, they don’t know which ones are most relevant to us as individuals.”

“Wakelet brings a human touch to this process, by giving us the ability to easily collect and organise anything we read, view or listen to in a way that’s useful to us and to others.”

I chat to Misbah Gedal about how this social sharing site provides the tools to put humans back in charge.

Google helps you find content, but Wakelit enables you to organize it" -Misbah Gedal of Wakelet.