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Oct 24, 2017

There is currently no way of escaping around the digital transformation revolution in service and indeed everything at the moment. But, to dismiss it as hype or just another fad would be incredibly foolish in an age where disrupt or be disrupted is the new currency.

Michael R. Blumberg is the President of Blumberg Advisory Group, Inc. He is a recognized expert in Field Service and Reverse Logistics in High-Technology industry.

I invited Michael onto the show to talk about how he is helping businesses overcome the increasing number of digital challenges and opportunities that are facing multiple industries.

  • Growing top line service revenue
  • Marketing & Selling Extended Service Programs
  • Servitization of Manufacturing
  • Uberization of Service

We also discuss the importance of valid market data and intelligence, knowledge of best practices and industry benchmarks
along with a clear road Map or strategic plan forward. Equally, It's also important to remember that you can accelerate growth rate in a shorter period by working with a strategic advisor or business coach who possesses the skills you are missing.

Michael Blumberg is a Certified Management Consultant with considerable experience in strategic & business planning, market research, mergers & acquisitions, benchmarking, systems analysis, and productivity & efficiency improvement.

Michael Blumberg is a well-known author and speaker. His thought leadership, service system planning, and strategy formulation have positively enhanced the profitability of many organizations across varied industries such as IT, Energy & Automation, Telecommunication, Medical Electronics, Banking, Retail and Consumer Electronics.