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Dec 5, 2017

PatSnap, the leading provider of cloud-based R&D analytics, has today announced the launch of Playbooks, a series of one-step interactive tools to automate the gathering of market insight and competitive intelligence from R&D data.
R&D and legal teams at innovation-focused companies need to know at the early stage of development whether there is IP risk around the projects being worked on, to ensure the organisation’s resources are allocated to projects that have the highest chance of success.
The launch of Playbooks will make it possible for those with no prior knowledge of IP to gain the intelligence and analysis they need at a click of a button.
The list of playbooks includes: Patent Pruning, Simulate a Merger, Litigation Threat, Litigation History, Patent Value and more.
PatSnap has brought together the world’s most comprehensive R&D dataset. By adding IP data, licensing and litigation data, economic data, patent valuation, image and chemical formula search and trademark recognition, PatSnap provides the world’s most innovative organisations with a new, intuitive source of information for use during research.
 Its Software-as-a-Service platform leverages artificial intelligence, neural networks, machine learning and natural language processing to correlate patents, images and chemical structure similarities into an intuitive, easy-to-use platform for research and development. With over 3000 customers worldwide including PwC, NASA, MIT, China Mobile and Vodafone, PatSnap is fast becoming a globally recognised leader in IP amongst the world's most innovative, intelligent and influential minds.
Established in 2007, and with VC backing from Silicon Valley’s Sequoia (amongst others), PatSnap now has around 700 employees, with offices across the Americas, Europe and Asia, and is experiencing rapid growth. 
I invited Duncan Clark from PatSnap onto the show to find out more.