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Dec 31, 2017

TSO Logic is the third tech startup that Aaron Rallo, CEO has been part of. Prior to that, he held positions at Microsoft and Fujifilm, and spent 16 years building and operating online platforms for large retailers including Walmart, Costco and Tesco. TSO Logic serves Fortune 500 companies and partners with AWS, Azure and other major cloud providers to help enterprises right-size their multiple clouds for their major migration and storage decisions.

His time at companies large and small has been formative in his vision for building a strong team and culture that delivers superior customer service. Aaron shares his startup story and advises entrepreneurs how to:
  • Create the right interview "gauntlet" to find hires with the best culture fit
  • Attract top talent and give them something Google or Facebook can't
  • Use the agile method as a way for everyone on your team to have a voice