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Jan 24, 2018

Every once in a while comes a new disruptive technology that changes everything. VR has stalled, the headsets are not bringing VR to the masses as promised. Step forward Omegavision which is VR without the headset, and so much more. (Check out the video demo here (

Omegavision is essentially a VR system that allows you to work within the environment sitting at your desktop or standing. A system that will deliver immersive photography, CGI, and an immersive windows environment all on the same platform.

Omegavision consists of 3 currently issued patents and 3 patents that are in the USPTO system soon to be issued.Vention, a company based in Portland Oregon, is selling the intellectual property to Omegavision. The intellectual property consists of:

  • An immersive lens design, the Omegavision lens that captures a field of view of 360 degrees horizontally by 240 degrees vertically. (Patents issued)
  • An immersive screen, the Omegavision screen that immerses the viewer in a field of view of 360 degrees horizontally by 240 degrees vertically, where the viewer is actually within the display screen. (Patent Issued)
  • Algorithms that plot 3 dimensional (X, Y, Z) Cartesian coordinates to the Omegavision screen.

I invited CEO Frank Harris onto the show to learn more about how the folks at Vention believe that they possess the patent rights to the future of VR