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May 31, 2018

On today's episode, I wanted to find out more about how technology is increasing the demand for a travel trend called microstays. Defined by Wikipedia as ‘residency in a hotel room for less than 24 hours, choosing check-in time and length of stay.’

Microstays are becoming another lifestyle upgrade made possible by GPS technology on smartphones that allow users to cram more into their days and spontaneously access useful services in any location at any time.

Inherently practical, booking a hotel room for a few hours is a smart modern lifehack for a considerable number of scenarios, from a pitstop for city trippers in between a day of shopping and an evening at the theatre, to a comfortable port in the storm for those with a delayed or cancelled flight.

Millennials are far more creative about the way they travel for business, carving out leisure and experiences in between meetings and conference calls. For Millennials, a microstay will not just be used for the obvious red-eye flight recuperation or comfortable environment for emailing.

Millennials are using the service experientially, saving 75 percent on the cost of a hotel room in some of the world’s best hotels, and enjoying their fantastic services. Imagine checking out of your hotel at 12 pm but having somewhere to charge your devices, catch up with work, have a snooze and shower before your 6 pm flight home.

Check your emails on the W Hotel’s sun deck when in Barcelona and then squeezing in a treatment at its Bliss Spa before a dinner meeting, or a short stay for some hours at a hotel close to Euston Station for all those living in Birmingham when the last train home just left when in London.

BYHOURS is an app that makes all this possible and freeing-up consumers to use their time more creatively. BYHOURS is a global online booking platform and app that enables users to book microstays in more than 3000 hotels for three, six or 12 hours around the world.

I invited the team onto the show to learn more about how it is giving people the ability to respond to immediate needs or lifestyle whims with efficiency and speed.