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Jul 11, 2018

KeepSolid is an international product development company headquartered in New York, USA. They offer a wide range of solutions and services – from improved productivity to data protection and internet security – for both individual and corporate clients.

The company believes that it's the reliability of their products provides their customers with a competitive advantage. While practicing the productivity methodology, they take people and companies to the heights of productivity and reliability.

After hearing that KeepSolid has been working on an eSignature app that would offer a cheaper alternative to Adobe Sign, I felt compelled to find out more. I soon discovered that after extensive beta-tests, KeepSolid Sign is now available.

KeepSolid has been collecting users feedback and implementing the most sought-after features. Now, this eSignature software is ready to help small and medium business owners to go paperless. KeepSolid Sign is an app that allows users to remotely sign any kind of document with just a finger, being free from paper chase, and minimizing possible misunderstandings and errors.

It starts as easy as importing documents from Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Evernote, Finder, or Storage. Then these document can be shared and signed in minutes. The app allows to manage the signing order, specify relevant access rights, and add comments to set the record straight. Annotations, like initials, date, notes, and checkmarks, are also available.

Any changes made to the documents won't go unnoticed as the software will send a notification on each. Users can also easily check the status - sent, waiting for a signature, or completed - of the agreement in the app.
Another significant feature is encryption.

KeepSolid Sign protects all documents with random keys and the AES+RSA encryption combination. While the AES-256 allows to quickly encrypt data, the RSA ensures a secure key exchange so that no one can compromise the decryption keys. Moreover, the encrypted users' data is not stored in one place but distributed over several servers without the possibility of its partial or full interpretation. This means that even when some parties intercept your data, they will not be able to restore, decrypt, and aggregate it.

On today's tech podcast, I interview Julia Holovko who tells me all about the KeepSolid Sign App.