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Dec 18, 2018

Frontdoor, CEO, Alain Kapatashungu shares his inspirational story and vision for the future of the Frontdoor App

Frontdoor is an enterprise SaaS platform sold on a monthly subscription basis to real estate companies. The team are dedicated to simplifying work for real estate professionals — from SMB to large enterprise companies.

The vertical SaaS solution is also trusted by some of the most sought-after real estate companies to replace guesswork, pen and paper workflows — to automate and manage their most important business transactions. With a sharp focus on real-time data, productivity, and user experience, Frontdoor is on a mission to power the future of business intelligence.

Frontdoor, CEO, Alain Kapatashungu describes himself as a French entrepreneur. But, it's his tech startup journey that has taken him from the war and genocide in Rwanda to building an artificial intelligence app in Silicon Valley to empower city dwellers.

I learn more about how being a genocide survivor has shaped him as an individual and taught him about perseverance and relentlessness. Alain also talks about how he loves solving problems that have an impact on society.

Alain also highlights issues with venture capital access for underrepresented minorities. Only 1.3% currently have access to venture capital investment as the norm. As a community, Alain explains why we are losing a great deal at diversity.

This is a problem Alain believes we can solve by working collectively as an ecosystem to allow founders that are resilient and perseverant to actually have access to capital.