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Dec 23, 2018

In a world where choice is exploding, freedom and human rights are being limited. We are seeing a growing trend of censorship and manipulation of information, leading to oppression.

The current state of affairs is menacing to privacy rights, internet freedom and basic political liberty around the world.

Old centralized systems and technologies were not built with end-user security and privacy in mind. No matter who you are, every day of your life you are just a record in a database – ready to be tracked, looked at and exploited. We cannot keep waiting for the system to self-correct...

Robertas Visinskis is the Founder of Mysterium Network, an open source, a not-for-profit foundation focused on security and privacy, and the world’s first decentralized VPN blockchain project.

With over 13 years of experience in IT, Robertas was previously CEO and CTO of Trustribe, which helped peer-to-peer companies attract and engage more visitors to their websites, as well as built unified e-reputation management platforms. He was also CTO and Head of Product Design at Meta Group, where he was responsible for market analysis, customer discovery, UX design and product implementation.

I invited Robertas onto my daily tech podcast to learn more about the Mysterium Network and it's fast and scalable transport security layer. He also shares his mission to build a P2P decentralized network using multi-hops, relays and an inbuilt micropayments tokenomic model.