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Dec 28, 2018

By 2022, Gartner’s latest report predicts 60% of large and global enterprises, and 90% of midsize enterprises (MSEs), will implement passwordless methods in more than 50% of use cases.

In its December 2018 Market Guide for User Authentication, Gartner included Secret Double Octopus as a Representative Vendor in the user authentication category, and for good reason, as they are pioneering the passwordless workplace.

Secret Double Octopus is pioneering the password-free workplace. Its high-assurance authentication solutions are built on provably unbreakable cryptography that is highly resistant to attacks and provide a superior user experience.

The technology behind the company is based on secret sharing algorithms originally developed to protect nuclear launch codes, the app initiates a multi-layered authentication process for users in order to verify or reject the login attempt, payment, or transaction.

Secret Double Octopus is a Business Insider 'Startup that will boom in 2018', PwC game-changer for Global Financial Services Innovation, and recipient of the Frost and Sullivan 'Technology Innovation Award'. Its customer-base includes US, European and Asian companies.

I wanted to find out more about their plans and also what if feel like to be included in Gartner's Market Guide for User Authentication two years in a row. I invited Amit Rahav onto my daily tech podcast to find out more.