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Feb 26, 2019

Civis Analytics helps organizations use data to gain a competitive advantage in how they identify, attract, and engage their audiences. With a powerful combination of best-in-class data, cutting-edge software solutions, and an interdisciplinary team of data scientists, developers, and survey science experts, Civis works with leading public and private sector organizations to make data-driven decision-making essential to how they do business.

The company first appeared on my radar last year after gaining significant momentum in the public sector industry, more than tripling revenue from Federal, State, and Local government clients since H1 2017. New clients include the City of Boston, where Civis is developing a city-wide analytics infrastructure allowing multiple city agencies to collaborate and serve their residents more efficiently and effectively, and the City of Houston, which is using Civis' data science Platform as a central source of truth to inform and manage Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts and needs by neighborhood.

The data science firm that helps public and private sector organizations become data-centric, also recently announced a set of tools specifically for state and local governments, nonprofits and other organizations looking to increase response to the 2020 Census. Concurrently, they released findings of a new study that identifies the messaging most effective in improving Census responses.

Amos Budde VP, Applied Data Science at Civis Analytics joins me on my daily tech podcast. We discuss the intersection of marketing and data science, particularly as it relates to improving marketing ROI. I also wanted to find out more about their new product called Creative Focus, which allows brands to do data-driven message testing before they put ads in markets.