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Jul 30, 2016

The Internet of Things (IOT) have changed the way companies do business across so many industries enabling critical data to be supplied in real time allowing smarter and faster decision making across the value chain.

Weissbeerger is the latest BIG DATA company to change the game in how major Breweries and Soft Drink Manufacturers manage their end to end business.

The team at Weissbeerger are working with bar owners on every corner of the globe and understand the need to constantly innovate, bring new customers to the bar, and grow profit.

By installing Beverage Analytics and the full suite of Weissbeerger applications, bar owners can stop guessing and start seeing proven results based on real data and advanced analytics.

Bars that use the Beverage Analytics system have seen increased sales of up to 32% per tap, reduced beer waste by 50%, and increased promotion effectiveness.

I invited Weissbeerger's COO Ilan Sobel onto the show to find out more about how technology and innovation are unlocking incredible value inside bars.


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