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May 28, 2019

In 2019 alone, 843.9 million people are expected to use online travel booking services (OTA). Global revenue of OTAs is expected to reach $424.6 million. The numbers will grow as the winning combination of technology and the advent of online travel agencies (OTAs) continue to usher in a new era of choice, mobility, and ease for travelers.

Gone are the days of physical travel agencies––today, with a simple click or the swipe of a thumb, you’ve booked your next getaway. Yet, while OTAs are becoming a regular fixture in our everyday lives, they remain plagued by inefficiencies, ranging from high commission fees for hotel partners and the ever-intensifying phenomenon of fake reviews for users.

Offering up to 40% and an average of 15% savings on bookings, is the leading blockchain travel booking platform transforming the future of the online travel industry. A proven platform with over 567,928 properties across 210 countries and territories, spanning 82,311 destinations, leverages and innovative application of blockchain technology and token economy to deliver a streamlined booking process and a fairer pricing system for consumers and merchants alike.

Matthew Luczynski – Co-Founder & CEO at Travala joins me on my daily tech podcast. I learn more about how this next-gen online travel agency (NOTA), is providing a revolutionary, easy to use booking platform combining decentralized technologies and tokenized incentive structures.

We also talk about how Travala changes the relationship between the consumer of the future and their travel shopping using tokenization to increase incentivization and encourage growth in the ecosystem.

A seasoned marketing and technology entrepreneur, Matthew is a veteran in the travel industry, having worked on a number of enterprising startups within the space. Compelled by the aim of driving real-world blockchain adoption, he co-founded Travala, a travel ecosystem which leverages
on the token economy to provide consumers with a fair, trusted, and transparent platform.

In addition, Matthew is also the founder of the Wanderlust application, a location-based meet-up travel application designed for users to connect based on their specific interests.