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Jul 28, 2022

Have you heard? From angry Adele fans to broken robot vacuums, millions were hit by the suspension of services that use Cloud. Robot vacuums ceased sucking, WiFi cameras stopped watching, and eager Tinder daters were left unable to "swipe right" on their smartphone apps. These are just a few of the many recent news stories that highlight how Cloud technology is everywhere.

Cloud is widely seen as helping deliver value to customers through innovation, improved resilience, and positive sustainability impact. But it also has its imperfections. Can Cloud fail us? Should you be investing in Cloud skills? And is it time to remediate Cloud? These are just a few areas I explore with today's guest.

Alina Timofeeva is a multi-award-winning Principal at Oliver Wyman who helps major organisations adopt Cloud so they can deliver on their business ambitions in a safe and cost-effective way. She was recognized by 7 industry awards only in 2021, including Cloud Professional and Digital Leader.

Outside of work Alina actively gives back to the community, through mentoring immigrants and women of diverse cultural and social backgrounds - so we can all look at our failure as an opportunity, instead of a setback. Her recent TEDxTalk "Fail but never give up" was watched by over 500 000 people and translated into 20 languages globally.