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Mar 11, 2021

I used to hear parents proudly discussing screen limits they imposed on their kids. But fast forward 12 months when those same screens are essential to their education and entertainment, most parents would agree things have changed.

When researching the topic, I came across an inspiring story of Estelle and Douglas Lloyd, the husband-and-wife entrepreneur duo & founders of kids' edutainment app Azoomee, who are on a mission to make all childrens' screen time count.

As new parents, Doug and Estelle quickly realized that the most innocuous search terms on their kids' computers could result in utterly inappropriate and even psychologically damaging web pages being served to their young children. Azoomee was born out of the necessity to allow the couple's kids to browse and enjoy the internet freely without the risk of stumbling upon adult content.

The topic of children's online safety has never been more pertinent than during lockdown. The fact is, the internet remains an incredibly dangerous playground unless carefully curated for young people. Screen-time is suddenly all the time, with most children now relying largely or entirely on their tablets, phones, and laptops for their education - so this needs to be an absolute priority for parents.

The couple are advocating for a wholesale reimagining of education, driving for a holistic approach to learning, bringing it out of the drudgery of 'go to school/go home', and making learning something that happens organically, enjoyably, round-the-clock, and most importantly of all - safely.

Azoomee is a global media company, and app development studio focused on engaging entertainment applications for kids. Available across connected devices and platforms, Azoomee offers a vast library of inspiring and imaginative TV shows that foster curiosity and wonder in kids.

BAFTA-nominated and winner of multiple awards, the Azoomee app delivers a unique selection of action-packed games, brainteasers, puzzles and creative activities so that kids can build their imaginations and sense of wonder.

Everything's handpicked, so kids are safe to explore. Azoomee is loved by children worldwide and can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play store, and found on connected TVs and via our partnerships with Amazon, O2, Vodafone, and many other platforms around the world.

Douglas Lloyd shares the story behind Azoomee and how it helps keep kids safe online by ensuring all screen time is positive screen time. We also discuss the potential of 5G and AR to bring education to life for kids.