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Aug 28, 2020

Live streaming has gained immense popularity over the years, with COVID-19 acting as a catalyst to push the industry further. For business owners, live streaming bridges the gap between them and their customers, helping them better understand their clients' needs and helping customers feel more connected to businesses – both of which are key to ensuring brand loyalty and retention.

Be.Live is helping content creators & SMB's grow their communities by creating the most engaging live shows on Facebook & Youtube. I wanted to learn more about how businesses can create customizable and engaging streams with zero installation and no setup with an out-of-the-box professional look for their stream.

Daniel Mayer, the co-founder, and CEO of BeLive, joins me on Tech Talks Daily to share his story. He founded two web-based broadcasting startups like AweVid, among other exciting business endeavors. He shares his experience of leading a global team of over 30 people in five countries and helping the company grow its user base nine-fold

We discuss how live streaming is the ultimate marketing tool to help businesses of all sizes promote their brand, interact with, and engage with their audience and grow their business. I also learn how BeLive takes the benefits of live streaming one step further by allowing companies to connect with their communities engagingly and profitably, giving them the tools they need to build brand recognition and community via live streaming.