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May 17, 2022

At CES this year, Peter Virk, Vice President, IVY Product & Ecosystem at BlackBerry on #1839, shared how over 195 million cars worldwide currently use BlackBerry software. In the light of current geopolitical events and the consequent necessity for extra cyber security vigilance, I wanted to bust a few more myths and talk about the role of BlackBerry in Cybersecurity.

After 14 years at McAfee, where he was vice president of central and north/eastern Europe, Hans-Peter Bauer moved to BlackBerry to start his new role as senior vice president of EMEA. But I wanted to learn more about BlackBerry's Prevention First approach, which involves using AI and machine learning ML to prevent attacks from the outset.

We discuss why a four-day workweek is possible for the always-on cybersecurity industry and what it looks like for a small business to be fully protected against cyber-attacks and explore if it's sustainable.

We also talk about why a prevention first cybersecurity approach is much more than just a perimeter defense – at its best; it's an active effort to neutralize malware before the exploitation stage of the kill-chain

Finally, we talk about how not to become a victim, the shortage of IT workers, why security specialists are critical, and what organizations can do to attack new cyber specialists.