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Sep 28, 2022

Have you heard James Blake's album version of Wind Down done in collaboration with sound and wellness company, Endel? Inspired by the science of sound and sleep, Wind Down is a prelude to bedtime, helping listeners shift gradually from the activity of day to the calm of night. It uses the same AI technology and sounds found in the adaptive experience, available exclusively in Endel apps for iOS, Android, Mac, Apple TV, and Amazon Alexa.

It’s no secret that more and more people are turning towards ambient music as an effective tool to help improve relaxation, focus, movement and sleep. What is interesting about the Wind Down album in particular is that it is the first ambient music album constructed via AI to be released by a Universal label. Blake’s musical artistry blends seamlessly with Endel’s patented AI technology. This method of composition has the ability to give ambient music an enhanced functional edge that is actually backed by neuroscience.

This prompts a bigger question: Has AI technology ushered in a new era of ambient music that can more effectively serve specific wellness and mental health purposes? Oleg Stavitsky, CEO & Co-Founder at Endeljoins me in exploring the answer to this question as we discuss the growing intersection of science, technology, sound, and wellness.

If you are interested in trying Endel for free for 1 month, Oleg kindly shares the following link that unlocks a free 1-month subscription, no card is needed.