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Nov 10, 2015

Are We Reading Less?

The literary tug of war between physical books and their disruptive nemesis E-Books continues to divide passionate readers and remains the topic of many a heated debate in book clubs across the globe. But are we actually reading less?

Will You Broadcast Yourself from Periscope to Apple TV?

Despite my initial reservations, there is no doubt that Periscope is becoming a massive game changer that allows anyone to build their own community or digital tribe in a more visual real time manner that even podcasts cannot compete with.

Apple’s Tim Cook famously said “We Believe the Future of TV Is Apps” but the success of Periscope suggests that it could be tuning into each other's living rooms rather than traditional TV channel hopping.

When your favourite artist is playing a gig on the other side of the world, Periscope also enables music fans to tune into the performance and sample the atmosphere via someone else's smartphone.

As live television becomes more and more produced, it can also become less genuine. This is what excites us about bringing Periscope to the Apple TV — the notion that you, your friends and family can share what’s happening in the world right now, together - Periscope

The Periscope launch on Apple TV looks set to be a real game changer.