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Aug 29, 2017

HYPR is revolutionizing influencer marketing by providing clients with in-depth audience demographics of social influencers

Gil Eyal is on a mission to revolutionize influencer marketing by providing tools that help analyze the audience of every celebrity and influencer in the world, as well as automate the ability to run measurable, targeted campaigns, at scale.

SociallyMined is a digital advocacy firm that drives awareness for issues by leveraging innovative outreach technology solutions to micro-target key influencers—creating a virtual uprising to complement traditional outreach efforts.

Innovative, social media data analytic solution designed to amplify a message by mining big data to create a virtual uprising by leveraging key influencers.

As advertising technology evolves, Gil discusses why the FTC's new guidelines won't impact micro-influencers, who know they can skirt the rules without getting caught.

Matthew David Anthes ( and Gil Eyal, CEO of influencer marketing platform Hypr join me in a conversation about the power of online micro influencers