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Nov 30, 2017

The Dfinity public blockchain computer with unbounded scalability and algorithmic governance to evolve over time. Powered by Threshold Relay & Probabilistic Slot Consensus.

Tipped as the next big development in blockchain - designed to power a web 3.0 generation of applications such as decentralized alternatives to Amazon, Dropbox etc at a fraction of the cost of traditional operations.

I invited Dom Williams onto the show to talk about the "Threshold Relay and Probabilistic Slot Consensus" which, when taken together, enable DFINITY to offer 3-5 second transaction finality – up to 150x faster than Ethereum and over 900x faster than Bitcoin.

This will allow for virtually instantaneous interaction between clients whether it is in the area of financial transactions, file sharing or data transfer and documents it with code that cannot be hacked or modified by malicious third parties.

We also discuss the current spate of ICOs and the introduction of high profile celebrities such as Jamie Foxx and Paris Hilton and Twitter scientists/influencers. As more and people begin discussing coins such as Ripple, Ethereum and LiteCoin or how to invest on Coinbase during the holiday season, we also talk about what warning signs to look out for.