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Aug 29, 2019

E-scooters and dockless bicycles are appearing in cities' bike lanes in great numbers. Whatever your opinion, there is an incredible demand for single-occupant vehicles for people looking for an environmentally friendly commute. But it is creating challenges for both providers and government agencies.

How can micro-mobility work for citizens, cities, and service providers? and what is the ridable technology that is making it all possible? These are just a few topics up for discussion in today's tech podcast.

I wanted to learn more about the technology behind the micro-mobility industry so I invited Jack Mudd from Onewheel onto the podcast. We discuss the future of the micro-mobility industry learn more about the self-balancing, electric board that is bridging the gap between recreation and transportation.

Their newest board, Pint has recently launched and brings the convenience and fun of small electric vehicles to the masses with a vehicle that is less expensive than most personal transportation options available now.

I explore how Onewheel and Pint are aiming to revolutionize the transportation industry and what the future has in store for the micro-mobility industry.