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Nov 27, 2020

Esri UK provides world-class geographic information systems (GIS) and has the single largest pool of GIS expertise in the UK. Every day millions of decisions are powered by GIS, helping businesses become more profitable and public service more efficient through a better understanding of location analytics.

The UK is in the midst of a housing crisis, with a lack of appropriate homes keeping people off the property ladder – and many stuck in unsuitable homes. Despite good intentions from those at both a central and local Government level to provide sufficient affordable and social housing, the slow progress made over recent years makes it clear that we need improved technology and new tools to model a way forward.

The government recently published the UK Geospatial Strategy, which recognizes the potential of location intelligence technology for the UK economy. Under Housing and Local Planning, the strategy states that “Innovation in property-related technology…is transforming how developers find land and evaluate building potential, how local authorities and residents approach planning, and how homes are bought, sold or rented”.

There are three key areas where location intelligence can help local authorities and housing associations improve the provision of housing: mapping local infrastructure, identifying the right schemes/projects for local needs and assessing housing capacity.

Charles Kennelly, chief technology officer, Esri UK, joins me on Tech Talks Daily to talk about all this and much more.