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Jul 6, 2020

Estonia's government created a first of its kind program called e-Residency, which lets users set up electronic residency in the country and now boasts Pope Francis as a member. But it's doing far more than making headlines around the world: It's also allowing small businesses who'd never have dreamed it was possible to work in the international business community since Estonia is a member of the EU.

Working there used to be extremely cost-prohibitive, but with e-Res, it takes just over $300. Ott Vatter, managing director, e-Residency in Estonia joins me on Tech Talks to share the benefits e-Residency's popularity has brought to his small country.

I learn how the program hooks users up with its lauded transparent business environment and then allows members to do business in the EU without all the regular hassle. It got its start for the export of Estonian services, but five years in it's now benefitting companies around the world.

Ott also discusses the challenges of creating a "digital first" nation and how it became a cornerstone of Estonia's identity, as well as how governments can help build business, and the importance of updating legacy governmental processes.