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Apr 23, 2023

In this insightful episode of the podcast, we are thrilled to have Nick Durkin, the Field CTO of, join us to discuss the challenges and opportunities developers face in the rapidly evolving world of software delivery., a leader in the field, focuses on automating the most tedious aspects of developers' jobs, allowing them to concentrate on what they love – creating and innovating.

Nick, a seasoned developer with 20 years of experience, dives deep into the current notion of "shifting left" in software development and how today's organizations might be getting it wrong. With recent studies revealing that developers only spend three hours a day coding while the rest is spent on operational tasks, it's evident that a change is needed.

Drawing from his own experiences, Nick shares his unique vision for a more effective way of shifting left – not by overburdening engineers with tasks, but by rapidly moving critical information to the right people at the right time. This approach empowers developers to write exceptional code and harness powerful systems to deliver it where it's needed most.

In this captivating conversation, Nick also delves into next steps for teams looking to embrace this new perspective on shifting left and explores broader developer topics. As a bonus, he offers valuable insights into cloud cost management considerations organizations should take into account in the face of economic uncertainty.

Listen in as we uncover new ways of empowering developers, unleashing innovation, and redefining the future of software development. Don't miss this thought-provoking and inspiring discussion – tune in now!