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Dec 11, 2023

Today, I am joined by David Morton, Chief Revenue Officer and Chief Customer Officer at Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS) UK. With a rich background spanning over two decades in strategic sales, customer relationship management, and business process outsourcing, David offered an in-depth perspective on the transformative role of artificial intelligence (AI) in customer service.

The conversation opened with a look at the evolving role of the Chief Revenue Officer. David reflected on how this position has significantly changed over the past decade, transitioning from a role that was once spread across multiple senior stakeholders to a consolidated position focused on business growth and strategy. He highlighted the increased complexity of the role, especially in navigating digital transformation and commercial models in today's fast-paced business environment.

A key focus of the discussion was the integration of AI in customer service. David emphasized that AI should be viewed as a tool to support overall business strategy, rather than an end in itself. He shared insights on how AI is enhancing process automation, making it more intuitive, and optimizing operations. However, David also pointed out the importance of maintaining a balance between digital solutions and human interaction, ensuring that customers still have the option for personal contact in their service journey.

David then delved into the strategies for building value with clients. He stressed the importance of understanding a client's industry, challenges, and long-term plans before engaging with them. This approach involves providing actionable insights tailored to the client's strategy and desired outcomes, and committing to a clear roadmap for transforming operations and delivering measurable business results.

The integration of digital solutions in customer service was another significant topic. David discussed the challenges of operating across multiple channels with limited budgets and the role of digital solutions like multilingual chatbots in improving customer journeys. Despite the advancements in technology, he reiterated the need for the human element in customer service, which is crucial for culture, creativity, and gaining deeper customer insights.

The episode concluded with David sharing where listeners can find more information about HGS and connect with his team online. This conversation with David Morton is a must-listen for anyone interested in how technology, especially AI, is reshaping customer service. It highlights the importance of AI in enhancing customer experience while underscoring the irreplaceable value of human interaction in the digital age.