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Jul 31, 2022

While the tech industry's teams have seamlessly evolved into remote and hybrid-based work operations - what's still missing when it comes to how companies operate as cohesive cultural units working in this disrupted fashion? And within a business setting - how do you define trust and empathy in tech companies? These are just a few topics I explore with today's guest.

Chris Williams, Chief Operating Officer for Interaction Associates, joins me on Tech Talks Daily Podcast. Interaction Associates is best known for introducing the concept and practice of group facilitation to the business world in the early 1970's. For over 50 years, IA has provided thousands of leaders and teams with practical, simple, and effective programs, tools, and techniques for leading, meeting, and working better across functions, viewpoints, and geographies.

We explore how leaders can take concrete steps to build trust and empathy in the workplace - especially virtually and what sort of technology and protocols come into play. Finally, we discuss how it can impact building trust and empathy and what can be done to optimize technology to make and sustain connections for teams vs disrupt them?