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Aug 31, 2018

Internxt is working on disrupting thrilling industries through the use of revolutionary technology. Their first service, X Cloud, is a decentralized cloud storage service, that strives to become a more secure and private version of Dropbox, iCloud or Google Drive.

X Cloud clearly has its sights on being the next big thing in the cloud storage industry. Here is a quote from the Internxt Blog:

"At Internxt, we are working on creating the most secure and private cloud storage service used by corporations and the mainstream market: X Cloud. Our decentralized architecture is fundamentally superior to what is currently in the cloud storage market, as noted in different papers.

However, the journey to building the world’s most secure cloud storage architecture doesn’t end by the simple use of decentralization. Companies like Dropbox have been investing significant sums of time and money in getting their architectures almost 100% hacker-proof.

Although their centralized ecosystems are fundamentally inferior to decentralized ones, we do need to put a lot of work to ensure that one day our architecture becomes more secure and private than theirs, from virtually any point of view.

To achieve this, we still need to improve X Cloud significantly, run significant security audits and eventually, X Cloud will become what was meant to be."

I wanted to find out more about these ambitious plans so invited their 21-year-old founder and CEO onto today's daily tech podcast.

Fran Villalba Segarra is a young entrepreneur, who, before starting Internxt, worked at Hostinger International and started his own web hosting company. He is also part of The Next Web's T500 (2017), which highlight the most talented young entrepreneurs in the digital scene.