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Jun 22, 2020

nChain is the world’s leading provider of enterprise-grade blockchain solutions, helping businesses and organizations realize and protect the value of their data. nChain boasts the largest team of blockchain developers globally and a leading portfolio of novel blockchain I.P. nChain is committed to helping clients maintain competitive advantage in business through more efficient management of data.

The company has a vision of a world where people, businesses, and organizations are yielding significant value from a more efficient data economy. The company is in the business of enterprise-grade public blockchain solutions and security that is scalable and business-ready. The team is also backed by two Bitcoin heavyweights, Calvin Ayre and Craig Wright.

Collectively, they believe that data is going to be the single most important commodity over the next 5-10 years, and the only way that is possible is if it is captured and made actionable. This is where nChain, which manages and uses BitCoin S.V.’s technology comes in.

The CEO, Dave Washburn, shares his unique perspective that he brings to the business. Before joining nChain, David spent 17 years in capital markets and is a PHD Physiology & Biophysics. This blend of both traditional industry knowledge combined with nChain’s deep bench of blockchain and bitcoin experts, makes this an interesting company to watch.

It’s not for nothing that representatives of the Suisse and Norwegian national banks are in talks with nChain to explore digital national currencies.