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Jun 23, 2020

It is the shared interest for search engines and the exploitation of Big Data that led François Goube and Tanguy Moal to join forces to create Cogniteev, the company behind the data platform OnCrawl.

With over 15 years experience in search and semantics, François Goube, serial entrepreneur, and Tanguy Moal, NLP expert and Data geek wanted to build the most advanced research technologies accessible to the greatest number of people. And it was already proven from their previous experiences that they were able to build products used by millions of people (Exalead, JobiJoba...).

In 2013, OnCrawl was born. Built from an industrial consortium with Cdiscount - the leading French e-commerce website - the team behind OnCrawl managed to develop a SEO crawler able to analyze millions of pages - in a short period of time - and at a competitive cost. They then understood that a large number of SMBs but also larger companies needed that technology previously held by Fortune500 companies.

These are just a few reasons why they decided to democratize such a solution by officially releasing OnCrawl in 2015. OnCrawl provides a scientific approach to search engine optimization by delivering reliable and accurate data that can be used to monitor, understand and optimize a website’s performance on search engines results.

François Goube joins me on Tech Talks Daily to talk about their new platform called OnCrawl Labs. Entirely based on Data Science and Machine Learning and offering a portfolio of ready-to-use algorithms. It allows companies to predict their online and SEO performance with robust data and SEO features not yet available on the market.

We also discuss why SEO will become more and more technical in the future and explore the rise of data science in the SEO industry.

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