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May 7, 2020

Open Raven is the modern data security platform that brings visibility and control to an organization’s data protection program. From mapping data stores in clouds and corporate networks to identify the data within. The platform is designed so that discovery, query, and response capabilities can be readily extended to match the most complex and demanding environments.

Open Raven CEO, Dave Cole, joins me on the Tech Talks Daily Podcast. Dave shares how they launched Open Raven out of stealth in February to help companies course-correct the pressing security issue of accidental data exposures that are now happening in record numbers. For example, the data leaks of 1.2 billion Facebook users and the entire population of Ecuador late last year.

Dave believes shares that it's not nation-states that are the biggest cause of data breaches crippling organizations. It’s actually the lack of good data hygiene. We discuss why the data hygiene problem is plaguing the industry and what companies can do to get a better handle on it.

Before starting Open Raven, Dave was chief product officer at CrowdStrike and Tenable. He currently is the host of the Security Voices podcast, so he’s an excellent resource with years of security experience.