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Sep 24, 2022

As Google announces its intention to test new AR glasses prototypes, the reality that AR may be our future is finally starting to settle in. Unlike the traditional virtual reality (VR) metaverse we have come to know, augmented reality (AR) technology gives users the best of both worlds, merging the real world with the technological advances, interactivity, and information of the web.

OVER, is a company building the first augmented reality open metaverse and enabling users to create unique geolocalised experiences that bridge the gap between our physical and digital worlds. Utilising world-class, community driven 3D mapping, OVER provides users and builders alike with the opportunity to own AR metaverse real estate, map their local areas to earn OVR tokens, and explore Web3 like never before.

In light of this recent announcement and the growing groundswell for information related to the emerging AR market, I invited Diego De Tommaso, Co-founder, and COO of OVER to join me on Tech Talks Daily to share his story and vision for the future.