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Jul 26, 2020

Sporting leagues are beginning to unveil their plans to return to play, and the NBA is planning to return at Walt Disney World. When exploring the future of sport, leagues must start thinking about the live stream viewing experience will look like for fans. They also have to consider if platforms are capable of supporting the influx of people tuning in from home and how they'll be able to replicate the in-person fan experience at home.

Jed Corenthal, the CMO of Phenix (real-time streaming technology platform), discusses what platforms must prioritize seamlessly delivering virtual experiences that will keep fans happy. If games are delivered in real-time and synchronous streams, the opportunities to engage viewers are endless – from trivia games to switching up camera angles and even selling merchandise – but this is all only possible if livestream technology is up to par.

Phenix has customers on five continents, and all focused on delivering a superior user experience by reducing latency, maintaining a high-quality stream, and reaching large audiences. I learn more about how they were challenged to create compelling interactive mobile content to keep viewers engaged throughout the Oscars broadcast with short development timeline.

Disney/ABC selected Phenix and its partners to deliver the first ever Official Oscars Trivia Game. During commercial breaks, the game featured a real-time "audience cam" capturing celebrities chatting and socializing.

The 2019 Oscars digital experience was nominated for an Emmy Award. Jed shares this and many more stories.