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Feb 26, 2020

Strathearn Design is run by Sam Horodezky, a 15+ year veteran of the UX space. Sam has founded and grown 2 UX teams from scratch. Sam has directly managed all stripes of designers and seen both successful and unsuccessful UX initiatives from up-close.

The company specializes in exec level guidance on product design. Although Sam loves technology, but like's to apply a skeptic's lens.

Sam recently returned to his native town Toronto, after 20 years in the US, to found his own consultancy, Strathearn Design. Previous to this, he held senior product management positions at Teradata Marketing Applications and Qualcomm Inc. Sam holds an MS in cognitive science from UC San Diego, and six patents from the USPTO.

Right now, it seems that everyone is talking about user experience and the experience economy. As regular listeners will tell you, I do like to bust a few myths and right a few wrongs on this podcast, so I ask Sam finally lay to rest some of the misconceptions around what is UX? and also what isn't UX?

Sam shares his story and how he founded and grew 2 UX teams from scratch and the biggest lessons he has learned along the way? We also discuss the increasingly blurred lines between B2B and B2C and what this means for UX.