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Apr 26, 2017

It seems we are witnessing headline security breaches on an almost daily basis at the moment. But the finger of blame and accountability could soon be pointing in the direction of the boardroom which should be enough for CEOs to take cyber security seriously.

With Yahoo now holding senior executives accountable for the mishandling of two security breaches, I wanted to investigate if boardrooms still struggle to see the ROI of cyber security.

Step forward Diligent. The company is the leading provider of secure corporate governance and collaboration solutions for boards and senior executives.

Over 4,700 clients and 140,000 users in more than 70 countries on all seven continents rely on Diligent to provide secure, intuitive access to their most time-sensitive and confidential information.

Considering that half of the companies on the Fortune 1000 along with 70% FTSE 100 list are clients, it's clear that Diligent has the ear of the most influential boardrooms in the world.

Brian Stafford, CEO of Diligent Corporation, is highly attuned to what it means to be an effective board member in today’s complex business landscape, so I invited him onto the show to learn more about how boardrooms are tackling the thorny issue of security.