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Apr 27, 2017

I recently learned how MyRadar has notched up 25 million downloads to become the world's most popular weather radar app. We are living in a world of app fatigue where we don't want any more apps in our lives and we all have a weather app on our phones already which makes 25 million downloads from an overcrowded app store all the more special.

MyRadar is a fast, easy-to-use, no-frills application that displays animated weather radar around your current location, allowing you to quickly see what weather is coming your way. Just start the app, and your location pops up with animated weather!

The app shows animated weather, so you can tell if rain is headed toward or away from you, and how fast and also offers push notifications. But I wanted to learn more about why this app has captured the public's imagination and the secret to securing a global hit so I invited Brad Anderson onto the show to find out more.

Brad is attempting to use mobile technology to change the world and this is just one of many reasons why he is the perfect guest for the Tech Blog Writer Podcast.