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Sep 24, 2017

In the last few episodes, we have talked about what feels like a never-ending wave of constant cyber attacks, email vulnerabilities and how in the eyes of users and business there are elements of threat intelligence fatigue where people are switching off from their online responsibilities.

But I have come across a cool new product called Inky. The add-on for Outlook and Gmail detects email-based spear phishing attempts. It uses a wide variety of heuristics including machine-learning analysis of the images and text in the message, so it's pretty interesting technology.

I think we can all agree that new phishing attacks are super nasty and resilient to training and existing solutions and this is what inky is tackling.

David Baggett is a Software Entrepreneur and founder of Inky that has been writing and commercializing software since childhood. His goals are the same now as they were then: to solve difficult, practical problems with software.

"I seek problems where the technological and domain challenges pose a significant barrier to entry and thus provide a defensible initial market position" David Baggett - Founder of Inky

Prior to Inky, Baggett was a co-founder of ITA Software, an airfare search company that sold to Google in 2010 for $730 million. I invited David onto the show to learn more about his startup story.