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Sep 29, 2017

One of the biggest challenges faced by most large organizations is tackling disruption which is brought about by new innovative start-ups. Qmarkets is helping these companies across the globe to overcome this challenge by engaging their employees through a digital collaboration tool which allows them to submit, develop, and evaluate thousands of ideas and solutions. They've already developed solutions for leading companies such as Nestle, Ford, Unicredit, PMI, Lufthansa, and the NHS.

Essentially, the platform offers a set of solutions to tackle a variety of collective intelligence use-cases, including Open Innovation, Citizen Engagement (Democracy 2.0), Technology scouting, Hackathons and more. In addition to the idea management software, Qmarkets offers external crowdsourcing platforms, technology research platforms, live innovation workshops, a predictive market module and much more. 

Inspired by the philosophy of "The Wisdom of the Crowds", the team at Qmarkets generate value for organizations by allowing them to receive innovative ideas from their employees, partners and clients. The company pride themselves on helping companies achieve their business goals, from performance excellence, to innovation, to the production of new products. 

Qmarkets has also partnered with the NHS here in the UK to create the most sophisticated healthcare innovation exchange platform in the UK. When I heard the news they have secured $5.2 million funding to further expand its product roadmap and increase the Company’s presence in the US market, I invited Noam Danon, CEO & Founder of onto the show to find out more about how they are helping businesses with innovation.

As one of the leading experts in the world in collective intelligence and innovation management within companies. 
Noam Danon has been personally involved in assisting large multi-national companies worldwide create and perfect their innovation management process, and change their corporate culture to enable innovation to flourish.