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Nov 26, 2017

The arrival of tech wearables and the Apple Watch allow users to instantly be fed notifications from their phone. Whether it’s emails, messages, social media updates, exercise details or even heart rate, it seems there is a notification for everything. Staying updated 24 hours a day may feed your fear of missing out, but its exhausting.

However, going off the grid, putting your phone away and any tech wearables to enjoy a night of digital detox is looking increasingly appealing. Despite tales of its demise, the humble wristwatch is stronger than ever. Both the craftsmanship and mechanics of the more traditional timepiece provide a touch of class that is absent from tech devices.

Although much of this craftsmanship has been lost over the years, technology is actually uniting the best skills in the world to create something that celebrates the craftsmanship of Victorian London.

The Camden Watch company are fusing the digital and analogue worlds to create something quite unique. Anneke Short and Jerome Robert join me on the podcast to talk about how the Camden Watch Company are a Swiss and British duo, inspired by Victorian Britain and its industrial heritage.

Armed with a Kickstarter campaign that smashed through their £18,000 target in under a week and at the time of recording have reached £41,352 with a few weeks to go.

 Anneke Short and Jerome Robert to tell share their crowdfunding story.