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Mar 26, 2018

Yotpo is known for helping brands collect and leverage reviews and photos throughout the buyer journey to increase trust, social proof and sales.

Yotpo recently launched Insights to help direct commerce brands analyze customer feedback at scale using natural language processing, sentiment analysis, and semantic grouping. With algorithms trained on a dataset of 32M reviews, Insights uncovers the factors that have the highest impact on customer satisfaction and allows for comparison using industry benchmarks, enabling businesses to invest time and resources in areas that will make an impact.

Insights directly impact bottom lines and increases sales. Campaigns have found that adding a star rating increases purchase rate by 4x, 58% of shoppers spend more when they connect with a brand and consumers spend up to 10% more because of good reviews.

I invited Tomer Tagrin, the co-founder, and CEO of user-generated marketing platform YotPo onto the show to discuss how brands can survive and grow in the world dominated by Amazon.