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Jul 29, 2018

With the growing topic of smart home devices and the link to consumer technology/privacy, I invited Erik Charlton onto our daily tech podcast to discuss how many of the current smart home products are not smart at all, but just a glorified remote control that is not practical in busy homes.

Erik Charlton is the CEO of new smart lighting company Noon Home (formerly C-suite at Nest and Logitech). Erik talks about to the evolution of smart home tech, data security challenges, the importance of making tech accessible and -- on a more personal level - the pros and cons of jumping from a big, global brand to a small tech startup.

We also discuss innovation and Erik reveals what it was like working with the tech legend Tony Fadell and we compare stories and my recent conversation with Guy Kawasaki.

About Noon Home

Noon Home creates products that improve our daily experience in the home and that deliver an experience that is significantly better than what consumers live with today.

The Noon Smart Lighting System eliminates the complexities and accessibility of professional-quality layered lighting by delivering it directly to the consumer at a fraction of the cost. Using patented bulb-discovery technology to identify bulb type, Noon works with existing lights and fixtures to create layered lighting scenes that are unique to each mood and activity experienced in the home.

Guest Info

Prior to NOON Home, Erik was part of the founding team at Nest, serving as Head of Business, as well as leading the Product Marketing, Central Marketing, and Sales organizations. Prior to Nest, Erik was Logitech's VP of Product Marketing for the Mouse business.